REVIEWS FOR The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre

New York Times Book Review
The New York Times Book Review "Highly entertaining...Smith is fascinating and writes vividly...[he] has a talent for descriptive imagery..."
The Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times "Smith writes beautifully of Daguerre's fascination with light...[and] refreshes our eyes. In a world awash in photographs, he makes us marvel anew at these efforts to outwit mortality, these 'mirrors with a memory.'"
Kirkus Reviews (starred review) "Smith's beautifully written debut...A compelling psychological study, a thoughtful tracing of the birth of a new art form and an atmospheric portrait of 19th-century France: impressive on all three counts."
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The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe "[a] lyrical debut novel...poetic and darkly romantic...a fully imagined and wildly sensual world..."
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Dallas Morning News
Dallas Morning News "[a novel] full of hallucinatory and beautifully rendered images...a richly promising start to the literary career of Mr. Smith."
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Baltimore Sun "Accomplished and impressive...Smith's gifts as a storyteller and writer are obvious, sometimes overwhelming."
The Austin Chronicle
The Austin Chronicle "Smith writes with the fastidiousness of a miniaturist, and even the smallest details are intricately painted...each page promises uncommon and beautiful words..."
The Austin American Stateman
Austin American-Statesman "...a striking meditation on memories and photography...luminous prose...poetic language used in service of novelistic intent..."
Detroit Free Press
Detroit Free Press "[a] vibrant first novel...Smith has an artist's eye and gives Daguerre an
artist's heart."